Kast vs. Boric: as principais propostas dos rivais mais antagônicos que o Chile teve nas últimas décadas

2021.11.27 18:14 CariocaSatanico Kast vs. Boric: as principais propostas dos rivais mais antagônicos que o Chile teve nas últimas décadas

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2021.11.27 18:14 human-no560 Why Are Drug Prices So High? Because Asshole McKinsey Consultants Figure Out Ways To Re-Patent The Same Drugs Over And Over

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2021.11.27 18:14 madeof_teflon humans literally evolved to be social and be loved, yet if you do as much as even complain about having neither despite trying, then you are called an incel

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2021.11.27 18:14 aggressiveplayer Tips for going to rave alone?

I'm going to a rave alone tonight, but I'm really nervous and anxious. I don't know why but I can't seem to open up and be social during the rave. Also from my experience people usually seem to tend to themselves unless the maybe the DJ is really lit.
Should I maybe just not have any expectations and relax and enjoy the music? I would like to open up to people if possible but my anxiety is pretty bad. I'm also quite shy.
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Snek is a BSC token where liquidity is Burned, and the contract is renounced. Snek plans to take over all the meme coins and take over the BSC network by storm. Nothing will EVER stop the great Snek from achieving greatness in the crypto world as well. Snek is dedicated to building a unique decentralized ecosystem of utilities. We are currently brainstorming and working on our white paper which will detail Snek’s plan to achieve the moon mission. We are just getting started. Join us on our journey to the moon. You won’t be disappointed.

Small Market Cap, Anti Whale Community Coin

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✅Proof of Renounce: https://bscscan.com/tx/0xf917146b048bc10d27e7079a47e3fa5ce092c8bbf0872fe7bc5c60ebbc3cd301

🥞 PancakeSwap (V2): https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0x5d8E513D568e98337e2049cED06881a80fBC8617
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2021.11.27 18:14 KnowinglyScattered Noah Knows Best (Short-lived 2000 Nickelodeon sitcom). Five episodes went unaired.

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2021.11.27 18:14 ToddJustWorks Praise Todd Howard

Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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2021.11.27 18:14 crackedbell155 Knife trading groups in Canada?

I’m in Canada ( specifically southern Ontario). Any knife trading groups or networks?
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2021.11.27 18:14 bordoisse Trader Joe Review (Decentralized Trading Platform on Avalanche)

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2021.11.27 18:14 Thelocalshapeshifter What random facts do you know but never get brought up because of how random they are?

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2021.11.27 18:14 Big_BBBBB Pig affects skill check difficulty?

I'm unsure if this is a bug or not but recently when I've gone against anyone playing pig, any time I hit a skill check (generator or healing) it'll display the skill check proficiency indicator no matter what. I make sure to check what they're using for their loadout too and nothing should be triggering this effect.
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2021.11.27 18:14 bwakong I don’t have a name for this one yet, hopefully trouts gonna like it

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2021.11.27 18:14 OhMyGosh445358 Why Pokémon go why….

Not all people can spend all day outside catching fake deformed animals so when I heard that beldum communty hour or whatever it’s called was from 12-1 I just had to rant here. Some of us have a life whether it’s work or school or something but this new 12-1 time just won’t work. AND IF THEY ARE GOING TO DO IT MAKE THE GOOD ONES ON THE WEEKENDD. I WOULD MUCH RATHER HAVE A BELDUM COMMUNITY HOUR ON A SUNDAY THAN A RATATTA COMMUNTY HOUR ON A SUNDAY.
That is my rant, thanks for reading
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2021.11.27 18:14 Remarkable_Water_725 some more leaks

some more leaks
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2021.11.27 18:14 AsianAssHitlerHair Suggestions for your favorite mechanic?

Have an E150 van that needs some work. Any suggestions for fair priced reliable mechanic?
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2021.11.27 18:14 ToddJustWorks Praise Todd Howard

Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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2021.11.27 18:14 CaptainCakeEater Tibetans Civilisation concept

Yes, I know the Tibetans are likely never to be added into the game, but that won't stop me from making this civ idea anyway! I will first give you some history (that I found on Wikipedia) on the Tibetans and the inspiration taken from the history to be made into the civ design, then you can see my Tibetans civ for yourself.
Note: I am no expert on Tibetan history or at designing games, but I tried my best to give the best civilisation possible. Thanks.
-------------------------------------------------------The Historee--------------------------------------------------------------
The Tibetans lived in a large empire situated on the Tibetan plateau formed from the Yarlung dynasty in the 7th century and reached its largest territorial extent in the late 8th century. They bordered the Uyghur Khaganate to the north, the Abbasids to the north west, their main rival the Tang Dynasty to the east and multiple small Indian territories in the South.
The Yarlung Dynasty came into possession of some Buddhist Relics under their 28th king and later Buddhism was introduced to Tibet, leading to the creation of Tibetan Buddhism. It is for this reason that the Tibetans can build Monasteries in the Fuedal Age and produce weaker versions of the Castle Age monk (who carry relics and convert units much more slowly) AND why Tibetan Cavalry recieve bonus armour from getting relics. The Tibetans also have a Unique Technology, Tibetan Buddhism, that causes their monks to become more durable and Monks regain their faith faster.
The Tibetan Empire's military was very good in the categories of the armour its soldiers and horses wore, which was very good at protection from arrows, and the soldier's profficiency in the use of swords, long lances and horse archery. This is why I decided the best bonus that Relics should give is extra Pierce Armour for stable units, why the Tibetan Unique Technology Byang bu'i khrab (the name for lammelar armor) gives Two-Handed Swordsmen more pierce armour and it is why Blacksmith armor technologies cost -50% for the Tibetans. For uniqueness and balance, the Tibetans also lose access to Knights but recieve access to an additional upgrade to the Steppe Lancer, the Imperial Steppe Lancer.
Tibetan military officers were designated by 7 inch long arrows that hung over their office and lammelar armor that had gold inlay. Tibetan armies while on campiagn also carried no provision of grain and lived on plunder. This inspired the Tibetan unique unit, the Golden Arrow, and its special ability of obtaining food while fighting other units. It is also why Tibetan stable units recieve the effects of arson (+2 attack vs buildings).
The Tibetans did not farm rice like its neighbour but mainly produced pulses and, from being pastoral nomads, animals like yaks and sheep. The Tibetans also had an abundance of minable materials like Gold. This is why the Tibetans have access to all economic upgrades accept the 3 farming upgrades. To compensate, the Tibetans have access to the Pasture, a unique economic building that produces one 150 food Yak/minute (forever) for a cost of 240 wood.
The Tibetan Empire eventually collapsed from civil war arrisen by trying to find a succesor to King Langdarma, who was assasinated in 842. The remnants of the empire then became battle grounds for rebellions and regional warlords in period known as the Era of Fragmentation. Because Langdarma was assasinated with a bow and arrow, the Tibetans lack the Elite Skirmisher upgrade.
With the basic history out of the way, here is my interpretation for a Tibetan civilisation.
Cavalry and Monk civilisation

Unique Units: Golden Arrow (Heavy Infantry) Imperial Steppe Lancer (Cavalry)
Unique Tibetan heavy infantry unit that generates food while attacking other units. Strong vs Eagle Warriors and trash units, Weak vs hand cannoneers
Unique Technologies:
Team Bonus: Monks regain faith 25% faster

Missing Technologies:
Barracks: Champion, Eagle Warrior line
Archery Range: Elite Skirmisher
Stable: Hussar, Knights, Heavy Camel, Battle Elephants, Bloodlines
Siege Workshop: Siege Ram, Siege Onager, Heavy Scorpion, Bombard Cannon
Dock: Cannon Galleon, Shipwright, Fast Fire ship
University: Bombard Tower, Arrowslits
Economy: Horse Collar, Heavy Plow, Crop Rotation

Golden Arrow/Elite Golden Arrow stats:
  1. +4/5 vs Eagle Warriors, +2/3 vs buildings
Imperial Steppe Lancer stats:
Pasture stats:
Fuedal Age Monk stats:
------------------------------------------Civilisation Overview (like SOTL does)----------------------------------------------------
Hey guys, Spirit of the CaptainCakeEater here, today we are looking at the Tibetans.
Civ jingle plays
Overall I think this would be a very unique civilisation to play since it is missing most of the current meta units but makes up for it by having very potentially powerful bonuses and units. Let's take a look.
SOTL intro plays
Firstly, the Tibetan team bonus allows for Monks to regain their Faith 25% faster, meaning it reduces the time to regain Faith from 62s to 49.6s. This is a good bonus for the Tibetan Monks and their allies who might use monks as well, like the Saracens, Aztecs, Slavs, Portuguese, Spanish or Bohemians.
Anyway, the first Tibetan bonus is that they have access to Monks and Monasteries in the Fuedal Age. Monks in the Fuedal Age provides an interesting but all in strategy of trying to get relics and fight in Fuedal Age with either stronger Scouts or the enemy's converted units. The fact you can get the Monks and relics an entire Age earlier is strong but costly, since 275 resources must go into your Monks before you can even get any relics and the monks move very slowly, especially while carrying relics. This slow movement speed allows for enemy Archers or Scouts to easily snipe any unprotected Monks.
The Tibetan's first military bonus is that blacksmith armor technologies cost -50% resources. This allows for the Tibetans to save 1025f and 500g with all upgrades. This is a useful bonus for essentially any strategy in the early game and it is very useful if you want to tech switch into a new unit in the late game.
Their second military bonus is that garrisoned relics give stable units +1 pierce armour. If you do manage to get up to 3 relics in the Fuedal Age then your scouts can have up to 2+4 pierce armour, reducing all Archer fire to 1 damage, meaning your scouts take 45 arrows to die. These scouts do however need an additional 630 resources to fully upgrade, meaning your opponent could be at Castle Age at this point already. Once you reach Castle Age you can expect some pretty tanky units since you can have Light Cavalry with 2+5 pierce armour, leading Crossbowmen to do only 1 damage. You also have access to Steppe Lancers with up to 1+5 pierce armour, who also reduce archer fire to 1 damage. However, since the Tibetans lack bloodlines these units take 60 arrows each instead of 80. The Tibetans don't have access to Knights as well, so don't be scared that you'll be facing Knights that tank 100 arrows. You also shouldn't think the Tibetan units are invincible, though, since lacking bloodlines makes them very squishy to their counter units like Pikemen and Camels.
The Tibetan's first and only eco bonus is that they have access to their unique builidng, the Pasture. The Tibetans don't have access to all Farm upgrades, which is a large debuff for your farming eco, but the Pasture more than makes up for that by providing infinite Yaks. The pasture is quite interesting since in the first few minutes the Pasture has a terrible wood to food conversion ratio, with only having 150 food, about 125 with decay, per minute while villagers produce more food from yaks than farms. This means that because Pastures cost 240 wood it takes 7 minutes before the Pasture surpasses the generic farm in food - wood ratio in Castle Age and 10 minutes in Imperial Age for Crop rotation farms. For the Teutons, who have 36 wood farms, have an even better food-wood conversion ratio for farms, meaning the pasture takes 11 minutes to surpass those Farms in Castle Age and 16 minutes in Imperial Age. After 16 minutes, however, the Tibetans have the best wood - food conversion ration in the game for land maps. Malay are still 1st with their fish traps until 33 minutes after a Pasture is built.
The Tibetan's final bonus is that the Arson technology, found at the Barracks, effects Stable units. This is a good upgrade to have if you want to break into your opponents base and raid with your Steppe Lancers, who break walls in 23 hits instead of 28, or Light Cavalry, who break walls in 28 hits instead of 36. It also helps if you want to take down your opponent's Town Center which will be destroyed in 240 hits by Steppe Lancers instead of 300 and 300 hits instead of 400 by Light Cavalry.
Speaking of destroying things, lets take a look at the Tibetan castle unique unit, the Golden Arrow. The Golden Arrow is a pretty expensive unique unit, especially when looking at infantry with its 80 food and 30 gold cost but it offsets this by generating food by attacking units. The Golden Arrow appears to generate exactly 1 food for every second it is fighting, so don't expect it to refund its whole food cost since that would take 80s of fighting. The unit itself is pretty strong, though, since it has more HP than any other infantry unit in the game, high attack and high armour. In Castle Age they can almost go toe to toe with Knights, with the Knight winning with only 25%hp left with the Golden Arrow generating 19 food. The Arrow also easily defeats Long Swordsmen, winning with 53%hp left and generating 10 food. In the late game the Elite Golden Arrow can still compete with Cavalier, with the Cavalier winning with only 10% hp left and the Elite Golden Arrow generating 16 food. Against Champions the Elite Golden Arrow does even better than Castle Age, winning with 55% hp left and generating 10 food.
The Tibetans also have a second unique unit available at the Stable in the Imperial Age, the Imperial Steppe Lancer. The Imperial Steppe Lancer upgrade isn't cheap, at 1000 food 650 gold, but the unit it provides is quite powerful with more hp, attack, armour, attack speed and movement speed than regular Steppe Lancers. These stat increases still mean that the Imperial Steppe Lancer lose 1v1 against Cavaliers with the Cavalier having 37% hp left and lose to Paladin with the Paladin having 57% hp left. This unit's strength isn't in 1v1 fights, though, but in groups and at raiding. These Lancers can have up to 1+7 pierce armour, so they end up tanking a lot of arrow fire, and with 1 range, can easily snipe villagers. The Lancers can also tank up to 53 Arbalester bolts as well, so their archer counter doesn't work so well anymore. You should stick to the basic knight counters to counter Tibetan Lancers except for Monks, who are easily killed by the Lancers with their fast movement speed and 1 range.
While on the topic of monks, let's look at the Tibetan Unique Technologies. The first Unique Tech is Tibetan Buddhism which gives Monks the ability to regenerate HP and reduces bonus damage against Monks. These are quite useful if you're going for a Monk push since it allows Monks to heal from 1 hp to 45 in just 1 minute. It is still a lot slower than Monk's normal healing speed but it does help. The second bonus of reducing bonus damage is extremely useful as well because it increases the hits Monks take from Light Cavalry from 3 to 5 hits and from 2 to 3 hits from Hussars, so this technology is vital to improving your arsenal of Monks.
The second Tibetan unique tech is known as Byang Bu'i Khrab, which gives your Militia line +5 pierce armor. Although the Tibetans don't have access to Champions this more than makes up for that by increasing your Two-Handed Swordsmen's pierce armor from 5 to 10. Yes, your Militia line will lose to almost all other infantry civilisation's Militia units, but your Militia can tank as many Arbalster bolts as a Paladin, 60 bolts while other civ's Champions die in 15 and Malian Champskarls in 24. It also increases your tankyness to hand cannoneers by reducing their damage from 27 to 17, so your Swordsmen will die only in 4 shots instead of 3.
With the bonuses out of the way it seems like the main takaway is that the Tibetans lack a lot of units and technologies that currently define the meta. This doesn't seem to be true if we take a look at the tech tree:
The Tibetans lack a critical upgrade in the Elite Skirmisher for late game trash battles and Arbalester for when you still have gold, however it isn't completely terrible since Tibetans have fully upgrade Hand Cannons and Cavalry archers that only miss Bloodlines. The Tibetans can still do archers in the early ages but will eventually fall behind stronger archer or cavalry archer civilisations like Britons and Mongols. For Archers I give them a B-.
Infantry is likely an unexpected area of expertise for the Tibetans who despite being defined as a cavalry civ can do just fine going for infantry through all ages until Imperial Age where they fall off in the melee side of things but are great vs ranged units. They also have their Unique Unit, the Golden Arrow, which can be used for a very powerful unit when you just need a little brute force. For Infantry I give them an A-.
Cavalry, as expected, is a major strong point for the Tibetans, who can have access to some of the strongest anti-archer stable units in the game. Their relic and Arson bonus can help very much when fighting archer civs with a stronger economy by getting into their base faster and detroying their ability to make anti cavalry units. The Tibetans can also field stronger Steppe Lancers than any other civilisation, proving quite helpful against melee civilisations. For Cavalry I give the Tibetans an A.
This is one of the Tibetan's weaker spots with no bonuses at all to help Siege and a lack of all key units in the late game, although the Tibetans do have Siege Engineers they would need more to offset the 4 upgrades they are missing. Since they lack so many units I give the Tibetans a C for Ciege.
The Tibetan navy is also a weak point, similar to the Siege Workshop, the Tibetans have no bonuses for Navy and they lack important late game units like Cannon Galleons. So since this tech tree is similiar to the Siege I will also give it a C.
This is the Tibetans strongest area since they get Monks earlier than anyone else that regain Faith faster, they have access to all Monastery technologies and they can get their Unique Technology, Tibetan Buddhism. Because of the versatility and sheer amount of bonuses the Tibetans have for the Monasery I will give them an A+.
The Tibetans have a good University and have access to all building Hp upgrades so they will get those 7000 hp Castles with maximum attack and range. Since they get Monks to protect from enemy Knight attacks, have so much pierce armor to counter Archers and get maximum Hp on their defensive buildings but miss essential tower upgrades I'll give the Tibetans an A- for defenses.
Wrap Up: That rounds off the Tibetan tech tree and bonuses and when taking a look we can see they are a lot more than a Cavalry civ without Knights, with having strong bonuses for Cavalry, Infantry, Monks and long term economy. They are pefectly capable of defending themselves from enemy raids and booming or if you prefer aggresion you can get access to more powerful units and bonuses that your enemy won't be able to rival until they are in the next Age. You can eventually enjoy looking forward to high pierce armor units that will steamroll most archer civs or a powerful Steppe Lancer who can help in melee situations. They are a good civilisation on many maps accept water maps and maps that Siege excel in.
That's all for now, and I'll see you in the next civ idea!
Websites used for research:
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2021.11.27 18:14 H3nwi Want to expand my music taste, reply with songs/artists/playlists for me to check out

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2021.11.27 18:14 lilaros3 a wizard kitty tattoo i really want to get. unfortunately i don’t know who the creator is, if you do please comment it!

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2021.11.27 18:14 yeeto_the_cheet0 which one is better?

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Hi, I want to meet new people (girls only) and chat, lets break this boredom and talk. Snap: flo1992bs
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2021.11.27 18:14 bikesniff Mondraker Foxy 2019, £1700 (Herefordshire, UK)

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