What’s on your wishlist?

2021.11.27 17:55 raw-power What’s on your wishlist?

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2021.11.27 17:55 CaveteDraconis Thoughts on a more realistic game mode

I've been playing this game for a few years now and while I enjoy it, once you start to understand the mechanics the game becomes much more about grinding rather than about being about hunting simulator. I would like to see this and improved and I think what would best do this would be the addition of a harder and more realistic game mode (idk like "Outdoorsman Mode" or something) that differs from standard gameplay in mechanics such as:

While Classic is is the most accurate representation, there's never been a hunting simulator that truly comes close to simulating the challenge of hunting IRL. However, I think COTW has the greatest potential to actually build this kind of system. Of course something like all this would need to be an addition to the standard game since I’m sure many would maybe not play a game mode that isn’t as immediately rewarding). I know for myself, I would play nothing but this more realistic game mode. What do you all think?
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2021.11.27 17:55 Forgiveme0 Spider: home run

Spider man is a baseball coach for the "bee high school" but this baseball team sucks so he has to train them to be the best baseball player. Spider man’s team is called "bee team". The team consists of Jesus, Godzilla, Chara, Chris Chan, Goku, Kyle, and Dream. Spider man must beat the team "egg team" their leaders is batman his team cheats but Batman pays people to not tell. Today is the day of a game with the team "Egg Team" who are led by batman, who always cheats. But Batman pays the referee to make him see the team losing, so that people know that one day batman will be the best. He is cocky, because you know his team will win. Spider man happen to hear that his rival team heards of a good training facility, which will be there today at 11am( it's almost noon). So he go to the comic shop to tell everyone the news. While he is there he see the most gorgeous redhead you have ever seen in your life walking in. She is looking for a comic book called "Captain Sterns Spanking New Underpants". Do you. Hey, whats up you strange man with the cape? You are a strange man with a cape. You have come to ask for one of two things. Either someone to train with, or a dragon's balls. And because I am more of a training person, I will suggest it. The training facility is one way to go, or another way is to see if I can find a dragon's balls to give to him. Spider man want to go to the training facility. Well, since nobody is around, I guess I can help you with the training. But be warned: I can be a bit rough. "Training Facility", huh! Training time! The facility is a large warehouse/office with a few punching bags, some pull-up bars, some boxing rings, some various sized treadmills, and some resistance tubes. Godzilla says "i'm hot like a ice cude" then he starts crying , Chara says "No! Not the tubes! THE TUBES!" Then everyone starts crying. But spider man is the only one who isn't crying. Batman says "Just let the boys work out. We need a super-soldier." The boys are like "Super-soldiers?" Spider man say "But we have one girl on my team her name is Chara, and why are you here your not on my team." Superheroes don't need to be on your team to be a super-soldier. Batman says "She's a spy. She killed my parents." Godzilla asks "What's a spy?" Batman says "She is a girl who uses her super-soldier brain to steal secrets for someone else." Godzilla says "What kind of secrets?" Batman says "Military secrets." Godzilla says "Well I am a giant lizard monster, so I guess I don't have to worry about that." Batman says "She has super-soldier capabilities." Godzilla says "But she's just a girl!" Batman says "I said'super-soldier'not'man-super-soldier'." The boys are still crying. Batman says "Fine, but she has to leave the team." Godzilla says "But why? She's perfect for the team." Batman says "Because if I discover that she's a spy, then I will kill her." Godzilla says "But I can't have people on my team who might get me killed." Batman says Spider man say to batman "you can't kill you go to jail" so spider man kicks batman off your team.Damn! (Sigh) Sorry kid, but you're gonna have to choose another super hero. You need to choose another super soldier. You choose Jesus as your super soldier . He says "I will die for you, and for the love of God, I will give my life for you" You get into the facility and let the others work out. Dream says "This is boring. Let's go outside." Spider man say "I can't let any of you handle any dangerous situations. It's better that way." Godzilla says "But i can do it. I'm a grown-up. It's a little hard for me to make a fist, but I can kill people." Spider man look at Godzilla and think Bruh , what are you thinking? Godzilla says "I said I can do it. I didn't say I would." Spider man say "Godzilla just don't kill people " Godzilla says "Fine." Godzilla says "But if I die, I will kill a lot of people." Goku says "hello my name is goku what to fight" to Chris Chan, Chris Chan says "My name is Chris, what are you doing here?" to goku. Chris Chan is handsome. He looks like a superhero. Chris Chan says "Don't you remember me? We grew up together." to Goku. Goku says
Spider man say "Ok guys it's time to do push up so 30 seconds " I think they are gonna make a super hero out of him. Chara says "I'm bored." Goku says "Me too" to Chara. Goku says Spider man ask everyone to stand up and say their names. Goku says "My name is goku, what's yours?" Chara says "I'm Chara, but they call me Chara." Goku says "I'm Kyle, but they call me Skulls." Chris Chan says "I'm Chris Chan, but they call me Chris Chan." Dream says "I'm Dream, but they call me Dream." Jesus says "I'm Jesus, but they call me The Godfather ." Spider man says "I'm Spider man, and i'll be the captain of this team." Goku says Everyone line up and get ready for push-ups. Everyone lines up Everyone does push ups Everyone is scared Everyone is exhausted Everyone is tired Everyone lines up for the next exercise. Then Chara's mother walked in and asks "where is my daughter"? Spider man turn around, and Jesus (who is in your team) has the ball. "Hey wait!" you say. Jesus says "sorry kid". "but she's mine now." You look at her breast. Godzilla says "What the heck is your problem?" Goku says "I don't like it when someone takes my friends." Chara says "What do you want us to do?" Goku says "Get naked and beat us with a stick." Chara says "Fine." She strips down to a bra and panties. The spider man says "Time for a game!" The spider man says "You have to push each other." Spider man runs over to the field and find a ball. You don't know who will play but you pick teams. Spider man must go against to team called "the feet" they should be easy to beat. Spider man get his team together, and put on the helmets. The coach says "Ready...1, 2, 3!" Spider man all run at each other as hard as you can. Spider man is tired, and the "feet" team wins with ease. The coach says "Time for a break!" You all run to the bench and sit down. Goku says "Damn, we let the jocks win." Goku says "Hey, why'd they beat us anyway?" Spider man says "We didn't try hard enough " Goku says "But that's no reason to lose." Goku says "We can do better." Goku says "We aren't losers!" Goku says "I know we can." Spider man gets a plan you go up to Chara's mother and ask Chara's mother her name . Her name is Mrs Murdock. Mrs Murdock asks what you want Spider man says "I want to go to the next level." Mrs Murdock says "What's that?" Spider man goes to Chara's and asks her what's he mother's name is. Chara's mother is Mrs Chara. Spider man says "I want to go to Super Soul. It's close by. I saw it on a map." Mrs Chara says Spider man says "Chara not Chara's mother you're the spy that made us lose" Mrs Chara says "Fine. You can go to Super Soul. But when you get there just ask for Chara's mother." You go to Super Soul. You see the great Oz. Then Fanon Chara walks in and punches Mrs Chara saying "you're an imposter Mrs Chara, i'm Chara real mother" Chara says "But my mother is also real, mother." Chara says "My real mother is the leader of a gang of super humans." Chara says "Just ask for Mrs Chara." Oz says "Ah, there you are. Come with me." Oz says "I want to show you something amazing." Oz takes you to see Oz green form.
You go with Oz.
Oz asks what you want to see You say "I want to see Oz in his super form." Oz says "Come. I will take you." Oz picks you up. Oz puts you into a room where there are many computers. Oz says "Just touch the screen." Oz says "This is the computer that controls the Oz." Oz says "Just touch the screen to get started." Spider man touches the screen. Spider man sees many things. Spider man sees a map of the planet with several different colored lines on it. Spider man say "What are those lines?" Oz says "Those are various power lines, which run through the earth creating a network of electricity that can be tapped into." Oz says "The blue line is the main source of Oz's power." Oz says "The red line is a secondary source of Oz's power." Oz says "The yellow line is a back up power source in case the blue line is disabled." Oz explains the various lines You look at the different lines. Spider man goes back to your team to beat the Egg team. He looks at your map. He looks at where the egg team is on the map. He looks down at your feet. He looked up at the sky. He goes back to your teammates to make your decision. Spider man tells his teammates that you're leaving. They ask what you're leaving for. Spider man say "You say just kidding I'm not leaving we are going to beat the egg team " Jesus says "I'm in!" Godzilla says "Me too!" Goku said "Yes!" Chara says "Let's go!" Spider and the bee team start running towards the "Egg Team". Spider man say "Wait are we missing someone or no" He asked. The team says "No." Spider man runs towards the Egg Team. The Egg Team consists of 5 members: Batman is the team leader. Charity is his second. Captain Random is the third. Chaotic is the fourth. and finally Dream is the fifth. The Egg Team is not very good. Their best players are Captain Random and Chaotic. Batman laughs at you "you dumb bitch fool idiot you think you can beat me and my team, THE EGG TEAM" know how are you gonna do that" you say. You could either fight or flight. Which would you choose? Spider man says "We shall fight then." Spider man raises his fists and charges the Egg Team. The Egg Team is shocked and stunned. The fight is on. Charity says "Now, now, now! What kind of game is this? We can't fight!" Captain Random says "Shut up moron!" Chaotic says "This ends now!" Batman says "Let's get it on, motherfucker!" The two teams charge each other. The egg team and the bee team are play a game of baseball egg team vs bee team, losers team has to leave town. Spider man in the outfield. Jesus hits a monster of a home run. The ball flies over your head. Your out! Spider man run to first base to get to first base! He runs to first base. He can't run any further. He walk slowly to first base, trying to get away from the fight, which is now going on all around spider man . The game continues. The egg team has the bases loaded, with two outs. They bring in a new player, a black man. Spider man stares at him, not knowing whether to trust him or not. The Black man say "nooooooooooooooooooooooo i pooped my pants" Spider man asks "What are you doing?" The man says "I don't have any shorts on" Spider man asks "What do you mean?" Chara's say "I'll bat next" so she goes to bat. The Black man goes to first base. The Black man steals second base. The Black man steals third base. The Black man scores the first run of the game. The Black man becomes the newest member of the egg team. The game continues. Spider man now on third base. A black man named Jesus is on second base. The Black man named Jesus is running towards spider man . Spider man knows that you're out of baseball but spider man stays standing. Jesus says "Hi" Spider man ask "H-h-how" Jesus says "How are you? I'm Jesus" Spider man say "I'm W-well, this is a r-r-r-r-real weird day for m-m-me." Jesus says "Well, what happened to you" Spider man say "W-well, you see, it's a long story" Jesus says "Well, I've got time, what do you want to do" Spider man say "W-well, I'd like to know more about you, if you have the time" Christ says "Well, what do you want to know" Spider man say "Well, what do you do, for instance?" Jesus says "Oh, that's simple. I'm God" Spider man ask "Are you real?" Jesus says "If I was, would you ask that question to me?" Spider man say "Well, no" Jesus says "Then I'm not" Spider man ask "How can you be God when you're black?" Jesus says "I don't know. Maybe I'm not God, maybe I'm Satan, maybe I'm the devil, who knows? But I'm definitely not white. Now, shall we go?" Spider man follow him. They go to his house. They go to his yard. They go to his basement. They go to his attic. They go to his room. They go to his bed. They go to his computer. They go to his Television. They go to his DVD's They go to his bookshelf They look on every shelf They find nothing They say "I-I think you're lying" Jesus says "Yes, that's a common misconception, among others" Spider man goes back to the game. Hebecome the catcher. He pitched the ball. He walked to first base. He walked to second base. He walked to third base. He ran the bases. He scored! The egg team is defeated! Spider man feels happy, because you've fulfilled your dream of being a baseball player! Batman "noo I can't let the bee team win if I do I must leave town" You are standing behind home plate, you just witnessed a great game! The bee team is winning ! Hisjob is done! Spider man leaves the stadium. He headed to the batman training facility to meet up with his teammates. Spider man is a true professional! He is going to be the best Superhero ever! He does the Batman impression. He does the Batman high five. You do the batman fist bump. Batman tries to cheat but then he gets caught by the baseball police and goes to baseball jail for life(which is a jail made entirely of chocolate). Spider man head over to the "Egg Team" Training Facility. He sees the Egg Team getting prepared for battle. Spider man call over your team He said "Hey, guys! We are the best! Nobody can defeat us! There's only one way to find out. Let's do the egg flip!" The whole team agrees They egg flip! The ground shakes! The dirt cakes! The police come and put you all in handcuffs Spider man is led away to jail! The game is a great success! People love the game! Every week he performs the egg flip and everybody agrees that spider man is the best Superheroes ever! It's time for the final showdown. Spider man are standing in a large empty warehouse. There are two giant robots in the center of the room. There is lots of scrap metal around the two machines. Jesus stands to your right and has a massive chainsaw in his hands. Godzilla lies on the ground, sleeping. Chara has a mallet. Goku has a massive sledge hammer. Dream has a tire iron, and has wrapped herself in a sheet. Spider man are standing on some wooden blocks. It is time for you to do the boss's bidding. What will he do? Please, don't say anything. Just let me think. Ah, yes. Batman pays his way out of jail and he wants revenge on the "bee team" so he can be the best ever. He wants you all to help him kill Kyle Rayner. The kid is weird, but you don't mind. Spider man doesn't like Kyle Rayner. What will you do? Spider man will refuse the offer and say "I only fight for the money." He refuses to help Batman ! Batman has no choice but to kill you. Kyle takes the gunshot for spider man , saving his life. The death of your teammates leaves a bitter taste in your mouth. Godzilla's head explodes! Chara's head explodes! Goku's head explodes! Dream's heart explodes! Jesus's head explodes! The metal implants explode! The warehouse collapses on top of spider man! The boss is sad at your death. But that's business! Spider man is dead! Heare not dead! No! It is Fanon Chara she saves spider man from death ! She says "What will you do now, my friends?" They say "Die, you monster!" Chara says "Let me think." Godzilla says "I'm going to go home." Chara says "Me too." Goku says "I'm going to kill the Pope." Dream says "I'm going to become a Catholic nun." Chara says "I'm going to find the meaning of life." You say "I don't know." Chara says "I'll find the meaning of life, and I'll make sure you live it to the fullest." And so the spider man stays alive so that he can live his life to the fullest. The End - the manga version.
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2021.11.27 17:55 Phonotre [article] Did y’all know there was the first Psilocybin Cup in California this year? 🍄❤️

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2021.11.27 17:55 lazyeyecam Instead of 2k20 I play 2k19 and the pin combos don't work do any of y'all know how to fix it

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2021.11.27 17:55 BigOlTunaman Series X shutting off

Anyone else having trouble with their series x and halo infinite? I can’t even finish 2 games without a hard crash with a 50% chance of the system shutting off when it happens.
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2021.11.27 17:55 False-Team7589 KGB'de gene sıradan bir gün.

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2021.11.27 17:55 NewsElfForEnterprise How Chrissy Teigen Celebrated Her ‘First’ Sober Thanksgiving With John Legend And Their Family

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2021.11.27 17:55 NerdfighterEngineer Getting some Nerdfighter Art ready to donate

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2021.11.27 17:55 Sakuraneko87 Dressing for winter - thermal "underwear" (like pants) vs ice skater tights?

I'm visiting a slightly colder location than where I currently live and was thinking of buying some winter wear to help me keep warm. I was wondering which of the two options might be better? The pants that go underneath normal pants sound nice but at the same time I'm thinking that the skater tights will do an equal good job of keeping me warm but I'd also be able to use them with skirts (since they would look normal).
Anyone has experience with either and how they stack up for warmth during winter or more frequent use?
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2021.11.27 17:55 mar40k Midnight Supra

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2021.11.27 17:55 Villan_99 Thomas The Sus!

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2021.11.27 17:55 Agreeable-Bus-5595 Had to watch this banger music video one more time before it get deleted

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2021.11.27 17:55 FE_Coin 💎Unique concept that allows long-term self-financing for all.💎✅Audit✅✅Doxed team✅✅10/15% reward in BTC, ETH, BNB or USDT✅✅Fair liquidity 10BNB✅💰Big opportunity💰🚀Take advantage before the start of take-off🚀

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2021.11.27 17:55 H25azbxwyz Four years later, imprisoned oil executives remain pawns in a US-Venezuela standoff

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2021.11.27 17:55 uknowimashootr My first official kill on the 1.15 update!

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2021.11.27 17:55 WhereDidThatBringU I don't care.

I'm not joking. I'm not just saying that to try to convince myself. This time, for the first time in my life, I actually don't care.
You had your little outburst at me (which I didn't even deserve and only happened due to a very avoidable case of miscommunication) and now you're having some internal freakout because you're so adverse to confrontation that you'd rather never speak or even look in my direction again than talk to someone you've known for years about YOUR problem with them. It wouldn't even be a 'confrontation'. It'd be 2 adults talking for 3 minutes, me putting you at ease, and then you finally being able to stop hyperventilating every time I walk in your direction.
So yeah, I don't care. I don't care that you're avoiding me. I don't care that we haven't talked in a week. I don't care that you're so riddled with anxiety that you won't come within 20ft of me at work and walk around the entire perimeter of our work area just to avoid walking past me. Even if we did cross paths I wouldn't say anything. It's not my place. This is your thing and I know you better than to put you on the spot. I've seen how that ends even with the most innocent and harmless of questions. A previous version of me would have begged you to talk to me; to tell me what's on your mind and how we can solve it.
Fuck that.
Go on then. Be miserable at work. Put so much energy into avoiding another person like you have been doing. We could solve our little disagreement with a 3 minute conversation but go on torturing yourself. I doubt you'll break and come to me and say "hey can we talk?". You're stubborn like I am. Ironically if I approached you first, you'd completely shut me down, so this dumbass battle continues. If you haven't noticed, I'm just going about my life. I haven't said one word to you since this little saga started and I don't intend to until you talk to me first. And you know what, maybe I'm enjoying it just a little bit for no other reason than that you kind of did this to yourself.
Why am I writing this to you? Because I care about you and I took the time to get to know you, and I actually feel somewhat bad. But I won't be a part of whatever this is. You're a grown ass person and the only reason this has gone on this long is because you won't talk about what's bothering you. It's like we're in the 3rd grade.
Enjoy your anger.
Oh and P.S; I also don't care that you're sleeping with our coworker behind your partner's back. Everyone knows by the way.
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2021.11.27 17:55 notaprguyufs CB got an iphone 11 pro max instead of an iPhone 12 and in my cauntry iphone 11 is 15k

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2021.11.27 17:55 NonGuiltyHome112 Is selling canva templates on Etsy illegal?

I asked a bit about it from canva support, they sent me the following e-mail: "On the other hand, if you wish to sell your design as a digital product, you are allowed to sell it to a single client only and not multiple clients" This kinda confuses me, because there are literslly thousands of people on Etsy selling multiple clients the same template. There's even multiple youtubers talking about it.
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2021.11.27 17:55 ThePowerOfTheFrogs Can anybody help me ID my coat?

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2021.11.27 17:55 MuhVauqa Tips for anti-rattle

Car is a 98 explorer with top trim package and whatnot. I have a pretty basic set up running off a stock amp 400w (I think). After market 8s and 10 sub.
It does really well for what I want but at high volumes or high base I get a lot of trim and interior rattle. I have no idea how to tackle this since it’s my first time with a aftermarket sound system.
I did wire and install everything myself so I’m very comfortable ripping my interior apart and piecing it together I just have no idea where to start.
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2021.11.27 17:55 Blu_Moon_The_Fox R.I.P. Infinite, he's not weak, I guess

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2021.11.27 17:55 AaLutchman23 Are the Demon king and the Supreme diety really enemies?

I know the Demon clan and Goddess clan hate each other but I don't think I've seen the Demon king or the Supreme Diety ever speak ill of each other
Also I remember how odd it felt that during Meliodas and Elizabeth backstory they worked together to defeat them.
After watching the Cursed by light movie it seems that it has something to do with preventing the "Era of Chaos"
But the question is...Why do they need "conflict" why wage war between the two clans, if they really needed to work together then Meliodas and Elizabeth being together should have been the perfect opportunity.
The only thing I can think of is that by creating war between the two clans was to keep Demons and Goddesses to get children together . Half demon- Half Goddess children would probably be the closest to Chaos And Guess who's the only known Demon/Goddess child ?👀
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2021.11.27 17:55 8ate8 Carton “Beermas” 2021

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2021.11.27 17:55 hdsisdm lol, i fucking hate how uneven my faceit queues are for cs...

tired of getting bots on my team and enemies getting better players. im 1 win away from level 5, and im not trying to lose so i will dodge whenever i feel the teams are too uneven. if i get a level 2 while our max level is 4 I expect the other team to atleast get a level 2 or 1 as well but they dont and on top of that they get a level 5 smurf with low matches played and high kd or a level 6. today i just got a level 2 with a few matches played, shit kd, and checked his steam to see that he only has 100 fucking hours (clearly doesnt know how to play the game fully) - and you expect me to play with him against a level 7? im good buddy. fuck na cs.
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