Computer crash when forming Qing?

2021.11.27 17:06 YmirisHappy Computer crash when forming Qing?

Hey guys, playing eu4, no mods installed, and my game refuses to let me form Qing as Manchu- game crashes when I click the button. Anyone know why?
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2021.11.27 17:06 SteamieBot glasgow: Veloglasgow approved "The fucking state of Glasgow Central/St Enochs" (approved)

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2021.11.27 17:06 Ok_Task_4135 Breaking News: ______ are better than cats

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2021.11.27 17:06 Fluid_Relationship71 Let your girlfriends feminize you!

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2021.11.27 17:06 YukiteruAmano92 There Will Be Scritches

I drum my talons on the footboard of the Terran’s hospital bed, my disapproving eyes moving up and down his battered body taking in the extent of the damage.
“Security Specialist Taylor… please tell me about your encounter with the a’Teksian mirkbeast.” I say as sternly as I can muster. A look of shame crosses his face as he begins “Well… *hhmhhm* Cap… y’see… it’s… erm…” I snap my beak in reproof and he shuts up “Your compatriots might have died, Taylor! Now…” I take a deep inhale of the oxygen rich ward air to calm myself “..tell me what happened.”
Taylor steadies himself before speaking “I was safeguarding an expedition to the Twilight Zone on a’Teksia 3. The researchers had spread out to collect samples and I was trynna keep my head on a swivel, you know what with it bein’ a deathworld an’ all. Then, from about 30 metres away, I heard Research Lead Sha’anza scream. Immediately, I saw her running and shouted to her to run to me. I drew up my shotgun and levelled it in the direction she’d come from, that’s when I saw it lopin’ after her… it was… it was…”
Here he trails off so I decide to interrupt “It was an a’Teksian mirkbeast, Taylor. One of the only creatures in Known Space that’s a credible threat, even to an armed Terran, native Earth fauna excluded, of course. [300kg] of dense bone, muscle and sinew, six legs, each ending in two claws specifically shaped for optimal disemboweling of its prey, a maw full of upwards of 50 razor teeth! If we’d known that thing was in the area we never would have greenlit the expedition. Why, by the Spires of Akaros, didn’t you just shoot that monster?!” he looks abashed but doesn’t answer so I change tack.
“The reason it’s a legal requirement to have a Terran escort on expeditions to deathworlds, Taylor? What is it?” blinking at me for a moment, he answers “You mean, aside from the obvious?” he flexes his unbroken arm, showing off a bicep thicker around than my chest.
I chirp irritably “It’s not your strength, or your ferocity, Taylor. If it were something like that you could be substituted with a high spec combat droid! It’s your sense of self preservation. You’re the only sapient deathworld species known. You’re supposed to have a sense for danger that droids can’t replicate. You’re supposed to have your wits about you in a way that the rest of us just don’t and can’t, having evolved on sane planets! So tell me, why did my legally mandated armed Terran chaperone decide to attempt to wrestle a mirkbeast to death instead of just shooting the Akaros damned thing!?”
Here a look of genuine confusion passes over the Terran’s face “What d’ya mean ‘wrestle it to death’?”
Confused myself, I glance a the holopad where Sha’anza’s after action report is written “Research Lead Sha’anza indicates that after she had reached the relative safety of the shuttle she watched as you dropped your firearm, the mirkbeast skidded to a halt, a scant [metre] from you and you stared eachother down for a few moments before you initiated a wrestling match by tapping it on the nose. This story was corroborated by every other researcher present, are you claiming that this sequence of events is false?”
The Terran scratches his stubbled chin for a few moments, seeming to think “Not so much ‘false’… more like… misinterpreted? Me and fluffy were playin’!”
I’m utterly dumbstruck for a few moments before I can stammer out “P-p-playing!? By the Titan’s Spear, Taylor! What do you mean you were ‘playing’!?”
“Captain...” Taylor responds, now deadly serious “…it was love at first sight! Fluffy is the cutest thing I’ve ever set my eyes on! Like someone blended all the cutest bits of an otter, an owl, a kitty, a pupper and a baby seal into one big ol’, distilled… cute! She was just beggin’ to have that lil’ button nose booped! After that it was ear scritches and tummy rubs and cuddle wrestlin’! We only stopped ‘cos she tuckered herself out!”
At a loss I ask the only question my mind can present coherently “How? How can you call that monster cute? I don’t understand!” he frowns before raising his unbroken hand in a fist, is he going to punch me!?
Instead of punching me he extends a finger “One; she got these big old puppy-dog eyes, like woah, like biggest eyes you’ve ever seen on anythin’…” collecting myself, I respond “These would be the eyes specifically adapted to tracking prey in the permanent crepuscular gloom of its home environment? And the ‘button nose’ that you ‘booped’ would be the one that’s perfectly adapted to allow it to smell a drop of blood from [15km] away?!” scowling, the Terran leans forward and says, in a mix of hurt and anger “She’s a she, Captain. Not an ‘it’!”
Alarmed now, I fan out my flight feathers in a gesture of mollification which seems to satisfy the deranged Terran. He extends a second finger “Those tiny little nublet legs with those adorable toe-beans!” “You mean the short legs that allow it-her to keep a low profile while stalking? The ‘toe-beans’ that allow… her… to both pad silently and retain traction in an all out sprint? And you didn’t mention the [7cm] claws that… she uses to eviscerate anything unlucky enough to be caught by her!” waving his counting hand back and forth in a dismissive gesture he continued “Her floppy ears…” another finger “…her flapping tail…” another finger “Oh and her fur, Captain, her fur! You’ve never felt anythin’ so soft an’ silky! It’s like strokin’ a cloud!” a thumb this time. I refrain from pointing out the predatory functions of these attributes.
“Taylor, if you just ‘played’ with the mirkbeast then why are you lying in the ship’s medical ward?”
Taken aback, he answers “This?” gesturing at his broken arm, bloodied face and bruised body “This is completely unrelated! After the end of the mission I had a bit too much celebratory whisky and ended up fallin’ down Access Stairway 5. I was off duty but I know that’s no excuse, I’m sorry Cap.”
Masking my shock, I sardonically respond “So, the mighty Deathworlder who wrestled an a’Teksian mirkbeast in fun was defeated by a staircase after purposefully impairing his own judgement, is that right? Remember how you’re supposed to have a better sense of self preservation than the rest of us?” Taylor has the decency to look guilty.
Trying not to look as wary as I feel, I approach his side and rest my wingclaws on the back of his hand. “Victor, my friend…” Taylor scrunches his face and responds “Nothin’ good follows when you call me ‘Victor’!” Ignoring him, I continue “How long has it been since you spent time in the company of another Terran?”
He thinks about the question for a moment “I guess it has been a while!”
I level a sympathetic gaze up into his mournful green eyes “Victor, I am at fault here. I must say, until today, the implications of hiring a lone member of such a highly social species did not occur to me. The next time we dock I will take on a few more Terrans and then you’ll have some friends who will be able to keep you sane… by Terran standards. OK? No more wrestling dangerous indigenous fauna, no more whisky benders, no more falling down stairs. How does that sound?”
Turning away in an attempt to hide his watery eyes he responds in a slightly cracking voice “Yeah, Cap… That sounds good.” Doing my best to mimic a Terran smile, I turn to go before adding “Perhaps, you should also look into getting a pet, Victor? You’re clearly starved for this ‘cuteness’ you insist the mirkbeast exhibited.” he responded “Oh, that’s not necessary, anymore.”
I keep walking and am almost out of the room before fear roots me to the spot, my crown plume feathers raise in agitation and I turn in slowly dawning horror “What do you mean ‘anymore’, Victor?” I say, barely keeping my voice steady. He averts his gaze “Victor, what do you mean ‘anymore’?!” more silence. “Victor, you didn’t bring the mirkbeast onto my ship, did you?!”
Just then the lighting switches to an emergency blue and klaxons sound.
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2021.11.27 17:06 DespicableNoob Sub 4 Sub. like or comment and at least 2 mins watch.

Hi, there looking to gain (permanent) 200 subs today, If you sub my channel I will return the favor for sure and my sub will be permanent, just give me 24hrs to respond.
At least watch the video for 2 mins.
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2021.11.27 17:06 Nathaniel-hahahaha Anyone knows the fitgirl repack "let it snow" music? Can't find the the exact voice lmao, thanks.

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2021.11.27 17:06 Thebigvader “We judge others on actions and ourselves on intent.” What are things you have done that from another person’s perspective is outrageous/weird/crazy?

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2021.11.27 17:06 WillMengarini When WHO runs out of Greek letters for COVID-19 variants, they should switch to Tengwar.

All the letters have names; see table in
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2021.11.27 17:06 mtlgrems X-Gwen by David Nakayama

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2021.11.27 17:06 mitchsayshello High Cholesterol at 22?

21F. 5’1 140lbs. White. Not on any medications besides Zoloft for anxiety. Don’t smoke or drink. Overweight but working on it.
I decided to order myself a full blood work up and it all came back fine besides my cholesterol being high. I made an appointment with my cardiologist and she didn’t tell me much about how to get my cholesterol down besides better (i will admit, i was eating food probably every day for about a year while in college) I have pretty bad health anxiety and everywhere online says high cholesterol = strokes or heart attacks. Are my numbers high enough for that? How do i get them down? right now I’m eating a low cholesterol diet (no cholesterol if i can, definitely less than 200mg a day) and trying to avoid fast food and fried food. However I’m 22 and want to enjoy life without thinking about every meal. Is it okay to slip up sometimes? I really don’t want to have a stroke at 22.
-Total cholesterol 219 <200
-LDL 135 (borderline) <100
-HDL 56 normal
-Triglycerides 149 normal
-Non HDL 163 (high) <130
-Ratio normal
Also, I’ve read that drinking a glass of wine every other night or so can help decrease your non HDL. Is this true?
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2021.11.27 17:06 MajesticPitch3521 Vtip

Pozve NIGHTMARE na večeři Axa a axo říká jdeme tam s holky ? A NIGHTMARE odpoví JO tak jdou a už jsou v restauraci axo říka která je tvoje a nighmare odpoví holka 2 axo super mě se líbí holka 1 jdou si teda vybrat jídlo a holka rěkne een lekker axolotl axo a NIGHTMARE odejdou
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2021.11.27 17:06 AlertObserver Should I ask my friends and family to unfollow and unfriended my ex on social media?

Or should I just ask her to unfollow and unfriend my friends and family? I don’t really want to break one month of no contact though. I actually don’t want to talk to her at all as it will just bring up feelings. I unfollowed all her friends and family soon after she broke up with me so I figured she would’ve already done the same. I’m just worried people will see that she’s with someone new and bring it up to me. Or say how well she’s doing and that she’s living her best life without me. That’s the last thing I want while I’m trying to move on.
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2021.11.27 17:06 Badrobot1988 [US-CT][H] Spawn Back Issues from 1-130 [W]PayPal or Spawn issues I don’t have

Hey all,
I have been working on completing a high-grade full run of Spawn. In the process I’ve collected quite a few duplicate issues. I’d be looking for either PayPal or to trade for issues I’m looking for.
My want list currently is raw issues of the following in 9.2 or higher: 119, 135, 136, 139, 141-143, 146-164, 219-231
Shipping will be at exact cost. Ballpark shipping will be $5 for up to 4 books, $9 for 5-12. I’ll toss in shipping for orders over $100.
I’ve tried to price these competitively based on recent sales but feel free to make me an offer.
I’ve tried to point out any issues that I see that would keep these below 9.0 but please inspect the photos.
Spawn 1 Printing Error $35 Spine ticks on the front cover keep this around 9.0.
Spawn 2 $15 High grade. Miswrap probably keeps this from 9.8.
Spawn 1 German Newsstand $80 These are hard to find in any grade. This one has a significant bindery tear that keeps it below 5.0. Front presents much nicer than technical grade.
Spawn 121 $15 Slight stacking curl.
Spawn 123 $15
Spawn 124 $20
Spawn 125 $10 Dog ear front cover. Several color breaks front cover.
Spawn 126 $15
Spawn 127 $15
Spawn 128 $20
Spawn 129 $15
Spawn 130 $20
I just recently sold a run of 1-80. The following lots are what’s left. Most of these are in VF-NM but some are in FN. If you need any additional photos please let me know.
Spawn 11-20 $20
Spawn 21-30 $25
Spawn 51-60 (no 57) $35
Spawn 61-85 (9 total issues $45
Post is cross posted.
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2021.11.27 17:06 popcornboiii Fauci GASLIGHTS On Gain of Function Research | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

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2021.11.27 17:06 skinnygladiator Please help

What is the name of the song where in music video the girl is constantly walking and the camera is from behind?
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2021.11.27 17:06 Cardka17 Found on Sheet…Bedbug?

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2021.11.27 17:06 AAVl80 Drossrotzank Video "Eres una persona olvidadiza"

un audio de "ivan lester mcguire" percatandoce de que no se puso el paracaídas y diciendo "Somebody help!" Con voz aguda y rasgada
El audio es falso. Ese audio proviene de un vhs horror llamado "WILDERNESS SURVIVAL" del canal de Youtube "GEMINI HOME ENTERTAINMENT"
Video en los comentarios. Cuando entren, adelanten entre el minuto 5:31/5:32 y podrán escuchar el mismo grito. Pero sin el efecto de viento fuerte golpeando el micro de la camara..
Existe solo un video de mcguire en Youtube. Y no tiene audio, el audio no existe. Ni en busquedas en inglés ni español.. Nadie encontrará ese audio
Editen el audio ustedes mismos, recorten esa parte del video y añadan el efecto de viento fuerte golpeando el micrófono de la camara...
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2021.11.27 17:06 CautiousHorror8216 Should i do anything?

So I started my new school year and I got a new teacher, after a while, once made fun of me in front of the whole class, and every time I would try participating in her class she would mock me. After a while it stopped, should I do anything about it?
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2021.11.27 17:06 10Voltz Error with One+ 9 activation.

While trying to activate a BYOP, I am using the Verizon sim, and everything went smoothly until I needed to enter the Phone's IMEI or MEID. I had some trouble finding them, but I found them on a paper in the box. However, tracfone isn't accepting either. Saying that "SIM card is required." The SIM is in the phone, however, I keep getting this error.
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2021.11.27 17:06 Angel_Ohiha Best TV under $500 currently? (50in)

Thinking of getting the Vizio M7 Series since I hear good things about it.
I have a CX 55in as my main Tv for Entertainment, Movies and PS5. I absolutely love it.
I want to get something for my bedroom for every now and then, mainly for Movies and Shows late at night.
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2021.11.27 17:06 J_stevens34 Seen some consoles at my local game store.

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2021.11.27 17:06 OffStockMan vix 4th highest % increase in one day just happend this friday

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2021.11.27 17:06 Thestasiflas Update! I posted in the sub a few days ago asking whether Nugget was a rooster or hen. Im swayed to think that it's a rooster after some chicken body language we saw today. Nugget flarred it's hackle feathers towards the other hens in the flock. Is thisbody language that's commonly displayed by roo?

Update! I posted in the sub a few days ago asking whether Nugget was a rooster or hen. Im swayed to think that it's a rooster after some chicken body language we saw today. Nugget flarred it's hackle feathers towards the other hens in the flock. Is thisbody language that's commonly displayed by roo? submitted by Thestasiflas to chickens [link] [comments]

2021.11.27 17:06 opachenk005 What is the ifference beetwen "Bossom" and "Perish"?

Hi. I was playing Deltarune and was fighting Queen at the arcade. After that there was a conversation that ended with a choice of either "bossom" or "perish". I first chose bossom but had to do that part again because i forgot to save. Second time i chose perish and it seems it altered some kind of outcome. Does that choice matter and if so, can you explain it without big spoilers?
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