Finally came across one irl. “Supply chain shortage surcharge fee” for pizza 😒

2021.11.27 18:28 Casio_e_Pepe Finally came across one irl. “Supply chain shortage surcharge fee” for pizza 😒

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2021.11.27 18:28 itsvuksfault Need Guidance: Landcruiser 200 series Overland?

I am looking at buying a 2015 landcruiser 200 series with 90k miles and converting it to an overland rig. I need some guidance. Is it worth the time and money, or should I convert my existing 2018 Lexus GX460 with 25k miles?
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2021.11.27 18:28 Flugercop [WTS] Krake Raken Trainer V2.5

So I copped the Krake Raken trainer from the recent drop and just received it, played with it for an hour, then kind of realized that knife flipping isn't really for me. It's basically 10/10 condition, no tap, and will also come in the original box and pouch.

Price: $205 + Shipping
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2021.11.27 18:28 madeof_teflon drinking while at parties is cringe and can embarrass you in front of friends and can lead you to do regrettable things

remember to always drink alone
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2021.11.27 18:28 jennifercathrin me preparing myself for s15

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2021.11.27 18:28 TwistNatural5425 New game press tier list update (November 28, 2021)

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2021.11.27 18:28 Genesys10101 Does the mesh work while the router is in bridge mode?

As the title asks… does the mesh still work if I put the router in bridge mode?
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2021.11.27 18:28 AwaitingCombat Boil 2 cups of water.

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2021.11.27 18:28 Apollyon-1 sometimes you just need to time travel

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2021.11.27 18:28 SN_91 No Rude bees for me

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2021.11.27 18:28 MaetelofLaMetal Fairy Tail characters getting arrested.

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2021.11.27 18:28 icedcoffee4eva Good morning Zazzy

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2021.11.27 18:28 wmedarch Why do maxims have to be able to be universalizable to be moral for Kant?

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2021.11.27 18:28 _NikolaiTheDrunk What’s your guys opinion on this being a barn find in a future game? The Chevy SSR. Was only made in 2003-2006.

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2021.11.27 18:28 deprogrammedgranny In case some of you are still missing packages in Alabama

Hundreds of packages found in a ravine: Hundreds of missing FedEx packages found in Alabama ravine. How did they get there? (
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2021.11.27 18:28 AmbassadorWorf PamDax

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2021.11.27 18:28 littleoldlady71 Planning for 2022…Join our new volunteer group!

Although we won’t have a statewide monthly meeting in December, the 14 chairs of our committees will be meeting next month to start planning our initiatives for 2022. We’re eager to take another pass at contacting the voters inactivated by Paul Pate and Iowa Republicans. We’re thinking up ways to informally survey the Democrats who switched their party registration to Independent since the 2020 election. We’re also hoping to update the statewide registry of the party registrations of school board members and we’d love to expand that effort to the city council members as well. We’re dreaming of sending out a targeted voter registration form by mail like the Iowa Republican Party did (which also upped their numbers by another 3,000 registered Republicans last month alone).
We can be sure that Roby Smith will be back with an even bigger dose of voter suppression in the upcoming legislative sessions – when Republicans still don’t trust the voters then they always seek to make it harder to vote. We’ll be ready to publicize whatever awful measures they propose and quickly vote to approve. And we’ll be there again to figure out ways for local groups and county parties to fight back.
One important feature we’re starting to build out is our statewide volunteer capacity. We launched a private Facebook group for New Iowa volunteers statewide last week. You can join that here. With the mailers earlier this month, we quickly realized that we needed a way to communicate our volunteer needs for texting and calling to the folks who received them. We’re hoping to slowly build this volunteer group over the next 11 months, so that we can deploy our volunteers to opportunities quickly in the leadup to the 2022 elections. So long as you’re a registered Democrat in the state of Iowa, we’d love to have you join.
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2021.11.27 18:28 GEORGEALLCAPS vote please my appendix has covid :{

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2021.11.27 18:28 Predator_156 Goddamn tAnKiEs are genociding people, it is our duty to defend Muslims in Xinjiang!!!

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2021.11.27 18:28 Inara_Mage Cats have been separated for a year, will I need to reintroduce them from scratch?

I have 2 voids. They are 4 years old and lived together in my home for 2 years since kittens (not related) and for 1 year with mum and her cat after I moved in with her.
I now live in a flat and took one cat back last year as he needed medical attention that was difficult to give with 2 other cats in the house. He took to living by himself great and is happy being an indoor cat.
I want my other cat back and I'm off to pick him up at the weekend. I'm wondering if they will remember each other and carry on from before or if I'll need to reintroduce them? I also worry about him being an indoor cat as he likes to go out and give my mum "gifts" but if Jackson Galaxy has taught me anything it's "PLAY WITH YOUR CAT" so I think he'll be ok. Plus I can harness train him.
Anyone been in the situation of reintroducing cats that previously lived together? How'd it go? Will they need introducing again?
I live in the UK.
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2021.11.27 18:28 RampantAndroid Odyssey G9 & DP Switching

I just bought a G97T on one of the BF sales (arrives Tuesday!) and I'm wondering how the DP input switching works. If I switch inputs, will both computers still think that they have the G9 plugged in and displaying?
I have a personal PC I use for gaming and such, and I have a new Macbook that is for work (2019, 16" MBP). Initially I was planning to use a DP1.4 switcher & a USB3 switcher to select which PC since DP1.4 KVMs are scarce and typically garbage (damn it L1 Techs, get them in stock!)
The problem with the DP switcher is that it doesn't emulate the EDID when you switch PCs. As a result, switching away from my personal PC, it behaves like the monitors have all been unplugged and shifts windows around. How does this work switching inputs on the G9?
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2021.11.27 18:28 tren_c If any cyclist still feels like there's a reason to not ride a bike... I hope you take motivation from this.

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2021.11.27 18:28 WorldHub995 Cruise ship "Braemar" passing through the canal of Corinth. The canal was dug through the isthmus at sea level and has no locks. • It is 6.4 kilometres (4 mi) in length • Only 21.4 metres (70 ft) wide at its base, making it impassable for many modern ships.

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2021.11.27 18:28 Honest-Discipline-10 Halal toothpaste

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2021.11.27 18:28 srds7 ⛔️$FCHINA - aim to create an equal metaverse 🌎 - Launch on 28th November at 12pm EST! - Potential moonshot!🔥

Anti China is here to make the world great again. We are eager to bring about equality and wipe out atrocities in the metaverse. $FCHINA has been created to memorize the present and reshape the world’s polars. We are launching soon! Catch some $FCHINA on Sunday 28th of November at 12 PM EST on Uniswap! 🚀
$FCHINA is here to create an equal metaverse 🔥💎🙌
1,000,000,000,000,000 (1QT) tokens are burnt 🔥 🔥 🔥
1% held by the Team💎
4% CEX listing 💰
0.5% redistribution 💰
10% Marketing and Development 💻
50% tokens already burnt 🔥
0.5% burnt at regular burn event 🔥
Regular donation to charity 🙌
Ownership Renounced ! ✅
FCHINA Swap, FCHINA Farm and many more coming in the project roadmap🚀
Check out our website at:
Contract address: 0x661f9654cCc492473205FF2e231EDE06c3bFD4f5
Join the Telegram Community Now:
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